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Welcome to eVet Solutions. This site has been set up to provide useful links to web services used by My Pet's Animal Hospital,Inc. and articles on veterinary practice management. Click on the "How I use this" link below each service listed to see how we use it in our veterinary practices. There are additional categories at the bottom of the page including a tools section and a listing of recommended books for practice managers, veterinarians and practice owners available from Amazon. Please note that we have used all of the services listed below for our veterinary hospital and all of them we can highly recommend. The aim of this site is to share knowledge of how technology can be used to help practice the business of veterinary medicine, a distinctly noble profession - Sam D. Meisler DVM

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Wonderlic Personnel Test
(basic skills test for applicants)

How I use Wonderlic

How I use Timelot

I use whentowork for scheduling our staff and have set up a short video course on how to use the site for a veterinary hospital. Click here to enroll in the course (free).


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How I use

PayCycle - FREE 30 Day Trial + 3 Months @ $9.99

How I use

Get a quality logo for a great price at LogoWorks!

How I use Logoworks



How I use

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Fish by Stephen Lundin

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell

The eMyth Revisited by Michael Gerber

Execution by Larry Bossidy

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"The NCVEI Tools help me improve my financial health and increase the quality of patient care" - the site

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Plug in your values from your practice and see how you line up with the benchmarks used by My Pet's Animal Hospital. Make sure you plug in a value for rent even if you own the property (because if you own property, you must expect an annual return from it). Typically, use a figure for rent of 10% of the appraised value of the land and building as the annual rent cost. The "misc" category is where you put any expense that does not fall into the other categories listed (includes utilities, phone, etc). Supplies are your typical office supplies, etc. Payroll expenses include how much you pay yourself as a veterinarian, your assoicates and your staff. Outside services include Antech, outside consultation fees (like send xrays to a radiologist), etc. Note: exclude any expenses that are considered owner "perks" like interest on a car loan or your own retirement plan, etc. These values will be reflected in your income figure.

After you plug in your values, click the "calculate" button to see how your practice lines up.


How I use eVetU:

EVetU is actually a veterinary staff training site that we set up for our own veterinary staff. New staff members can learn about heartworm disease, the diseases we vaccinate against and animal restraint. There is a quiz at the end of each module and results can be sent via email to their supervisor. [Back to Top]

How I use WhentoWork:

Whento Work is an online employee scheduler. You make your shifts (name, position, what time, etc) and job positions. Then enter in each employee and their individual availability, click autofill and you have your schedule. You can manually override any setting and also use the site as an in-clinic email program. As manager, you can email messages to individual users (ie your employees) as well as all of them at once. They can also email each other, trade shifts (with your approval) and even post announcements. Click on the link above and you can even get a 30 day free trial. We have been using it for over two years now and it saves a bundle of time. [Back to Top]

How I use Wonderlic:

The Wonderlic Corporation has been used worldwide to assess applicants, students and employees. Over 130 million people have taken Wonderlic assessments. We use the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) to test applicants if they pass the interview stage. We have found that candidates need at least a score of 20 out of 50 in order to succeed at our hospital. That may seem low but someone scoring over 40 has the IQ of a genius. The highest anyone has scored that we have tested applying for a job with us was about 33. There is another test called the WPT-Q test which is a shorter online version; we will send an applicant an invitation to take the test at home online. This way you can save interview time if they do not reach a certain score level. If they pass, you will test them with the longer WPT; this time it is taken at your hospital so if they cheated at home, you will know. Most NFL players have to take the WPT and teams take the scores into consideration. Peyton Manning scored a 29 which is a great score; his brother Eli scored an even greater 39. [Back to Top]

How I use Logoworks:

We used Logoworks to come up with our logo. You just sign up online and give them some ideas and wait for the first batch of proofs within 72 hours. The designs are done by professional graphic design artists and the turn around time is amazing. Important tip - make sure the logo is something that you could easily put on an outdoor sign. Here is our logo:

How I use VistaPrint:

We use VistaPrint to print up brochures, postcard mailings, client handouts (nice glossy color ones) and newsletters. They have online templates so your stuff can look professional. You can upload your own pictures or even your own template. Very quick turnaround. Have been using them since 2005![Back to Top]

How I use Cafepress:

Cafepress is essentially a gift product company; you can upload your logo and then sell cups, T-shirts, hats, etc with your logo on it. I have NEVER sold a single gift item on the site BUT that is not what I use it for. They have a nifty section on the site where you can upload a pdf file of your handbook or position manuals. Then when you need a hard copy of one of them, they print up a bound handbook and send it to you. I sell my own handbooks to myself; in other words, I use them as a printing company (the site automatically knows it is you ordering so you automatically get the reduced price). Your training program has a nice feel to it when you have professional looking handbooks and job manuals for your new employees. Here is the link to our cafepress site: mypets. Order the Receptionist Handbook at your own risk! Please keep in mind that the main purpose of sending you to Cafepress is for you to set up your own "shop" so that you can publish your own handbooks for your staff. :) [Back to Top]

How I use

If you are starting up your veterinary practice or acquiring a practice and forming a new company, why pay a huge fee to a lawyer to have it set up? We set up My Pet's Animal Hospital, Inc for less than $200. [Back to Top]

How I use Serious Magic:

The program I use is Visual Communicator from Serious Magic. If you have a computer with a decent video card and a digital video camera ( even a decent web cam will do), you can make brilliant videos for staff use. We used it to make our orientation video. Serious Magic has lots of examples of how to use it on their website. [Back to Top]

How I use Timelot:

Timelot is a time clock on your computer desktop. You install it easily on a computer at the hospital. Your employees then log in and out for their shifts. You can then print out reports easily so that you can run payroll. And you can even correct staff clock-in mistakes. When you go to the site, pick Timelot Standard. [Back to Top]

How I use GoToMyPC:

GoToMyPC allows one to have access to any computer that you set up to have access to. This means that you can log onto a computer at the hospital from home or any computer in the world that has internet access. All you do once you have the host computer (the one at work) set up (easy to follow instructions at GoToMyPC) is log on to the GoToMyPC website from any computer and then give your username and password, and your work computer's screen shows up on the computer your on. I use it so that I can log on to Quickbooks at home. You can also use it to log on to the hospital software computer from home if you want to check the next day's schedule, enter in medical records, or make an appointment for a friend. They charge a monthly fee. [Back to Top]

How I use

We use to handle payroll. This way I can be anywhere in the world and pay my employees. It really is a great site. We have been with them for two years now. They take care of payroll taxes, your 940s, 941s, and state taxes and forms. Plus direct deposit is included in the monthly fee. [Back to Top]